What do you want for Christmas?
By: Kirby Desha for The News Messenger
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Ms. Katch and our daughters have been asking me what I want for Christmas for weeks, and you know what? I already have just about everything one person could ask for.

I’ve got a flexible work schedule that lets me fish just about whenever I want (Ms. Katch believes I am overpaid, but doesn’t really know all the stress I’m under). 

I have a great family, with two beautiful daughters who are strong young women and will no doubt go on to do great things in life. I live like a king here compared to about 99 percent of the rest of the world and, too often, I tend to forget that.

Lincoln is an awesome little town. Sure, there are some things I’d like to see here, such as a more diverse selection of restaurants and maybe some nightlife, but I’ll trade those for the small-town feel we have any day. We really lucked out when we moved here back in 1999. It’s a great city full of friendly hard-working folks.

So, what do I want for Christmas?

I guess I could go with the beauty pageant stock cliché of “world peace and an end to hunger.” Well, that would certainly be something to hope for, but realistically I doubt I’ll ever see that in my lifetime – are those even possible?

It’s like wishing for full limits of trophy-sized fish on every outing. Not going to happen. However I would like to see people start being a little nicer and more respectful of each other.

Maybe an understanding that we don’t all share the same views on every issue, and that is actually OK.

How boring would it be if we all thought the same, acted the same and liked the same things?

The world is made up of a lot of different teams; we don’t have to hate on everyone who is on a different team than ours.

Now, I could stand to lose a few pounds, but I know that is not going to happen without some effort on my end. I doubt Santa has a magic “eat all you want and still lose weight plan” under the tree this year.

How about a “learn to accept a few disappointments along the way” plan? Yeah, that’s a tough one for sure, but hey, how boring would it be if fish just jumped into the boat on every trip?

Right now our area could use some rain. Anyone out there got an inside deal on that?  Does Amazon have one? I don’t think so.

Can I ask for a car that never breaks down and never needs new tires or a battery?

So here’s hoping you all have the best Christmas ever. May you get just what you need under the tree this year.

Oh, I guess I do new a new fishing license.