Just stick with PG&E, reader advises

By: Mike Nusink
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Peter Gilbert and his “Gang of Seven” energy novices have gone into the energy business and have preordained what’s best for me when I flip on my light switch.

The Gang of Seven I'm referring to is the Pioneer Community Energy Governing Board: chair Jennifer Montgomery, county of Placer; vice-chair Kim Douglas, city of Colfax; Kirk Uhler, county of Placer; Greg Janda, city of Rocklin; Brian Baker, town of Loomis; Bridget Powers, city of Auburn; and Gilbert, city of Lincoln. Alternates are Miguel Ucovich, town of Loomis; Cheryl Maki, city of Auburn; Dan Karleskint, city of Lincoln; and Scott Yuill, city of Rocklin.

According to the Lincoln Community Choice Aggregation Implementation Plan, taxpayers will be strapped with an initial $40 million debt (a staggering $475 for each and every projected Pioneer Community Energy customer) just to get things started. 

From there, they will initially fill 18 staff positions to the tune of $183,462.16 per position. Toss in another $2.25 million the first year for marketing, data management, PG&E fees and other administrative costs. Wow! 

The Gang of Seven would do all that for me so I can, using Pioneer Energy’s projected savings numbers, save 68 cents a month on my electric bill?

I urge everyone to read the March 27, 2017 article, “A Bad Idea that Only Gets Worse: “Community Choice” Electricity” by Wendy Lack with the Alliance of Contra Costa Taxpayers. Her research is incredible and highlights the massive financial disasters being dictated upon the unwitting public.

Based on all of the above, it only took me a nanosecond to opt out of the taxpayer-funded fiscal train wreck entitled Pioneer Community Energy.


Mike Nusink, Lincoln