Mascot for new elementary school discussed

Leaman Lemurs considered
By: Steve Archer, Reporter
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A mascot for Leaman Elementary, the next school planned for Lincoln and the Western Placer Unified School District, might be represented by a primate found only in Madagascar: the lemur.

Leaman Elementary School is expected to be built in the Lincoln Crossing neighborhood and opening fall 2020. The school, to be at the corner of Caladon Circle and Brentford Circle, is  named after district Superintendent Scott Leaman.

The district solicited mascots, names and colors online for planned new schools as well as polling students at Lincoln Crossing Elementary School and Creekside Oaks Elementary School. The five top choices of the students were unicorns, 194 votes; warriors, 93 votes; lemurs, 68 votes; lions, 56 votes and narwhals, 52 votes.

“We thought it would be fun to get some student input,” Leaman said Tuesday at the district board meeting. “We looked at unicorns but there are some challenges with unicorns and some issues with warriors. We wanted a more inclusive mascot, something everyone could get behind.”

“Real lemurs look a little freaky but cartoon lemurs are cute,” Leman added. “Narwhals are not a pretty animal.”

Leaman said lemurs are unique and few schools have them as a mascot.

“We have interesting mascots in the Western Placer Unified School District,” Leman said. “We may try to get our own version of the ‘Madagascar’ lemur from Disney.”

Woodland High School, in Yolo County, has a special wolf caricature designed by a Disney artist after the studio denied the school permission to use the Big Bad Wolf image.


A new job description for an assistant director of facilities was unanimously approved by the district’s five trustees. The new position will help with the increased new construction and modernization of school facilities, according to Gabe Simon, assistant superintendent of personnel services.

“This position will be paid for with bond funds,” Simon said. “If we didn’t have the bond funds, we couldn’t fill this position.”

Student representative

Lincoln High student representative Lindsey Ridgeway said all winter sports have started and auditions for the spring production, “Once Upon a Mattress,” are being held this week.

Teachers’ Association

Tim Allen, Western Placer Unified School District Teachers’ Association president, said his organization donated $1,000 to Paradise teachers.