Cycling through Placer County

Life in the Bike Lane

By: Tom Frady
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I don’t like climbing hills on my bike but many of the most interesting and beautiful rides include a major hill or two.  

Baxter Grade, Mt. Vernon, Ridge Road, Indian Hill, Chili Hill and S. Forbes all offer challenges for the rider.

One often forgotten in the pantheon of serious climbs is Garden Bar Road. Garden Bar has three sections, two of which are just lovely.  

However, the northernmost section, starting at Mt. Pleasant is a real test. It runs out of pavement after nearly five miles and the biker makes the short climb up the appropriately-named Big Hill Road.  So that nice 1.5-mile downhill on the way in becomes a 1.5-mile climb on the way back.


Tom Frady is a Lincoln resident and avid cyclist and driver.