Lincoln Hills Coyotes play on Garden Isle

Locals take fourth place in Kauai
By: Henry Mutz for The News Messenger
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In late October a team of Lincoln Hills Coyotes played in the East Kapaa Friendly Aloha Senior Tournament (FAST) Softball Tournament in Kauai.

Lincoln Hills made a strong 5-2 showing, earning fourth place in the tournament.

The Coyotes 13-man team consisted of Bec Cannistraci, Bruce Chappell, Darrell Rinde, John Griffin, Hal Kastner, JD Dambrosio, Jim Stapleton, Joe Bellah, JR Jackson, Mick Privett, Mike Hilton, Pat Sabia and the author.

The player’s wives accompanied the team and were loud and enthusiastic when rooting for the team. However, when things got quiet it meant the wives had gone shopping.

The team was assembled by Kastner, the field coach, and assisted by the author. Joann Hilton did the scorekeeping and recorded the action.

Nicknamed the Kauaiotes by Sabia, the team proved strong and performed well. The club averaged .649 at the plate, with 22 doubles, two triples and 10 home runs. The Kauaiotes averaged more than 17 runs a game.

The defense, behind Stapleton’s pitching, made many stellar plays.

Participating were four teams from Hawaii and four from the mainland. They included Babes Pizza, RCM Softball, North State Printing, Rebels, Oahu Undertakers, Kauai Makules, Norcal Haoles and the Coyotes.

The Kauaiotes won their first four games and had a 5-1 record before dropping their final game on day two. The Kauai Makules won the tournament, a team the Kauaiotes defeated in the opening game when fresh and injury free.

The tournament provided plenty of good food, including an impressive luau-type banquet at the closing ceremonies. The author especially enjoyed the wild boar.

A great time was had by all on the Garden Island.