Vote no on Measure A

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Measure A is a $60 million bond secured by our homes, basically a 40- year government mortgage on our homes that we will be required to pay twice a year.

Measure A claims to construct a new $100 million high school, but in reality, Measure A is only “seed money” to start the construction.  Another bond will be needed to finish the construction.

The majority of the money goes to routine maintenance and upgrades, the very thing Western Placer Unified School District should provide for in the yearly budget and was chastised by the Grand Jury for not doing.

Bonding for maintenance is as fiscally irresponsible as taking a mortgage out on your house to pay the gardener to mow your lawn - that should be in the yearly budget.

In addition, our kids will be paying this bond long past the useful life of the upgrades.

For example, upgrading the air conditioner: the useful life of the air conditioner may be five to 10 years but our kids will still be paying it off in 40 years.  Spend now, use it now and hand the bill to our kids - this is called generational theft!

Vote no on Measure A.

Joan Brenning, Lincoln