Roger Ueltzen supports Gilbert and Karleskint

By: Roger Ueltzen
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Peter Gilbert has done an admirable job during his first term on the Lincoln City Council. Peter has demonstrated the business acumen to thoroughly think issues through and to make decisions in the best interests of the Lincoln. Peter has stood his ground in voting for issues that did not have full council agreement, such as voting for Lincoln’s continued presence as a member of Placer Valley Tourism (PVT). The ultimate decision to join has resulted in ~$500,000 in grants for major improvements at the Foskett Regional Park and at the McBean Park Stadium. Peter has also demonstrated that he is a team player, working with and supporting other council members and city staff.
I have been involved with Dan Karleskint formally on the Fiscal Sustainability Committee and as non-member participants on just about every city committee (Economic Development Committee, Airport Committee, etc.) and have found him to be a team player and a person with a broad base of knowledge who adheres to the adage – Ready– Aim – Fire - and is not a Ready – Fire – Aim person. Dan thinks things through, is open to other people’s positions and is willing to compromise to do what is best for Lincoln. I believe Dan will be an excellent member of the Lincoln City Council.
Roger Ueltzen, Lincoln