Holly Woods Andreatta promises to be a voice for Lincoln

By: Lena Labosky
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I would like to speak up for a wonderful candidate for City Council, Holly Woods Andreatta.
Holly has promised to be a voice for the people of Lincoln!  I believe she will do a wonderful job, doing just that. As one person told me, Holly will be unafraid to speak up for us.  They have watched her in the three forums that have been held; she has been unafraid to face her opponents. I have watched her do this as well; she is fearless.
We need a representative on the council who will bring balance to our City Council.  Holly works and has recently raised a family. She is a teacher and she is a marriage pastor at New Song Church in Lincoln.  
Holly loves Lincoln and she knows most people moved here because they love the rural lifestyle we enjoy here. Holly wants to preserve that unique feel for our city.  This is what most of us value about Lincoln. She will help us do that.  
Please vote for Holly Woods Andreatta.
Thank you.
Lena Labosky, Lincoln