Vote on Measure A

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So the Western Placer Unified School District claims that they need more money.

The problems with the maintenance of our schools are not being caused by a lack of money but by a lack of good management.

The 2010-2011 Placer Grand Jury began an investigation into the maintenance of our schools because of many complaints over “several years.”

The Grand Jury report states that the maintenance problems were caused by “a polarized environment in the Facilities and Maintenance Departments” concerning “Issues with trust, respect and communications.” The report recommended that the district hire a mediator to work out the problems between the departments. It did not say that there is a shortage of tax dollars.

Because of the poor management of the Western Placer Unified School District, they want us to approve Measure A, which will provide them another $60 million to squander. They expect us to repay the loan over 40 years and have a lien on our homes to secure the loan. Just how ridiculous is that?

As Congressman Tom McClintock once stated, “Bailing out poor management doesn’t improve it.”

Please vote no on Measure A

Chuck Schmidt, Lincoln