Dan Cross and Alyssa Silhi for council

By: Patricia Jackson – Browne
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Concerning the upcoming election for City Council, I wish to express my support for Alyssa Silhi and Dan Cross.

I was privileged to attend a meet and greet where I was impressed with Alyssa Silhi's intelligence, poise and presentation.  Her experience with government at the state level as well as knowledge of our city issues and processes will be valuable to the city of Lincoln.

Dan Cross was equally intelligent and knowledgeable.  Although his presentation was not as polished as Ms. Silhi, he expressed his positions thoroughly and clearly.

I have been a resident of Lincoln since December 1999. We have seen ups and downs with our leaders’ abilities to care for our city.

In my opinion, these candidates will be real assets to our city.  I urge our voters to look seriously at these candidates and cast their votes for them.

Patricia Jackson – Browne, Lincoln