Joiner, Gilbert and Karleskint for City Council

By: Jim Datzman
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The city of Lincoln currently faces serious challenges, including the need to balance the budget, while seeking new revenue sources and administering the issues associated with new development. 

Government works best when the council and staff function with a mutual respect for each other while performing their duties. 

Three of the current candidates have demonstrated that mutual respect in various public meetings on a consistent basis.

Council member Paul Joiner has served admirably as the city representative on several regional panels.  He is knowledgeable and respected by neighboring officials.  Paul uses social media as an effective communications tool and he is very responsive to citizen concerns.

Council member Peter Gilbert is known to be a patient listener and problem solver.  Peter can be counted on to take action making sure that a proper referral is made to the appropriate department.

Council candidate Dan Karleskint, as the current chairperson for the city’s Planning Commission, has demonstrated that he can evaluate matters thoroughly and make tough decisions.  Dan also served with the city’s Economic Development Committee and is a regular attendee at City Council meetings. Dan is well prepared to continue leading our city in a positive direction.

Each of these candidates is well respected by the city staff.  They may disagree with each other, or with staff, on a given issue but do so in a dignified manner.  We need professional leadership to continue shaping our future and these three candidates have demonstrated that they are up to that important task.

Jim Datzman, Lincoln