Al Roten says vote for Karleskint and Gilbert

By: Al Roten
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I have endorsed Dan Karleskint and Peter Gilbert for Lincoln City Council. My endorsements are based on their demonstrated and proven concern for the health of our city and ability to lead Lincoln to a healthy future.

Both Dan and Peter have performed well in leadership positions in Sun City Lincoln Hills and the city of Lincoln.

Dan Karleskint, among many accomplishments, was a founding member of the community communications committee in Lincoln Hills and is currently chair of the city’s Planning Commission. He also served on the city Fiscal Sustainability Committee and Citizen’s Financial Advisory Committee. Dan is in favor of growth in Lincoln, but only with fiscal control that such growth pays for itself both in the short and longer terms. He applies his 40 years of business management experience to his community involvement.

Peter Gilbert is currently a voice of reason on our City Council. Prior to becoming a City Councilman, Peter served on the Lincoln Hills Board of Directors with a term as president of that board. During his time of service in both of these policy making bodies, there have been challenging financial issues, which have been overcome by bringing together diverse opinions and reaching consensus. Beyond accomplishments in these elected positions, Peter and his wife, Lois, took an interest in the plan for Lincoln High School’s chorus to raise funds to go to Europe and were very helpful in making that trip possible.

I support these two men for Lincoln City Council, and hope you will join me with your vote in November.

Al Roten, Lincoln