Katching up
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It’s getting harder to find a comprehensive source for local fishing reports. I have to hit several sites to get an overall picture of what’s happening. 

So after doing some research, here’s our local roundup.

Salmon continue to dominate our area rivers, from the delta to Redding. Lots of fish caught over the last few weeks as there was a big push into the system. 

Action has been hot from Viera’sto Garcia Bend up to Discovery Park. Verona has been good, and farther up the Feather both boaters and shore anglers are catching fish at the Outlet Hole.

Many are complaining about the one fish per day limit. I am fine with it if it helps restore the fishery. A few years ago there wasn’t any fishing so this is better than nothing.

The next few weeks should be some of the best this year. The most popular offering on the Sac from Miller to Freeport is the Flasher/Brad’s Cut Plug set up. This started getting noticed the last couple of years and is now the go-to set for many guides.

Around Verona, the good old standbys are Silvertrons for trolling and Kwikfish with a sardine wrap when on anchor.

Trout and steelhead anglers are having success in the upper Sacramento and Klamath rivers. Trout guides are casting flies while drifting roe for the steelies.

Kokanee season is winding down; fish are turning colors preparing to spawn, although they can still be caught. I heard a report of a 30-fish day at Bullards Bar last week.

The Carr fire may have a serious impact on Whiskeytown next year, if silt and debris get washed into the spawning creeks.

Trout are hit-and-miss in local lakes. I’ve seen good reports from Camanche, Berryessa and Pardee, but not much from Collins or Shasta where trout are still very deep. On two trips to Collins I have picked up only bass on my trout lures.

Once a few cold nights mix in, it will be back to top lining and the action should pick up.

Bass fishing has been up and down. Top bass guys have reported cold to hot action within hours while fishing on the same lake.

The approach is to keep moving until you find fish and then stay on top of them until the bite stops. Pretty much anything works, but keep switching if the fish are finicky.

Launching is a problem where lakes are low. The advice is “down and out” – meaning: if the water is down the fish move out away from shore.

Fallbassin’ can be a chance for good action, just keep moving around.