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This week’s question has several answers

By: Carol Feineman, Editor
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While many readers might know what this week’s mystery item is, what are some of the items that were put in it?

If you know or might know what this week’s mystery item is and what items went into it, please send answers to by Feb. 5.


Last week’s item

Bill Lane: “The rock was used by Native Americans as a weapon we call a tomahawk. A handle was lashed to the rock for generating leverage.”

Bill even sent in a photo of a tomahawk that did resemble last week’s mystery item.

But last week’s mystery item, found on a Lincoln path among a small pile of rocks, was something else. The rock was a tool used by the Nishinam, a branch of Maidu Indians who once lived in this area.

Nishinam are usually referred today as Nisenan, according to Steven Powers, an anthropologist and writer who lived in Sheridan in 1873, as stated in Jerry Logan’s  booklet, “Lincoln, Western Placer County, According to History Vol. I 1849-1899.”

The Native Americans lived in this area for thousands of years, which makes it difficult to put an age to this particular tool. The rock was recently found by Betty and James Baker of Lincoln. What the Bakers found might have been a plummet or a sinker used in fishing. It appears that this rock was used as a weight. Imbedded lines around the rock indicate bindings used to hold it to something, most likely a fishing line or a fishing net

Check out the weight at the Lincoln Area Archives Museum, 640 5th St. The Bakers donated it to the museum to share this part of history with residents.

Have something interesting to share, either by loaning or donating? Docents want to hear the story of your vintage and antique items. Give the docents as much information as possible to share with others.

The museum also has a collection of yearbooks on exhibit and in the gift shop.

Check out the Lincoln Area Archives Museum between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays at Beermann Plaza at 640 5th St.