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What can teens do in Lincoln?

By: Hannah Forrey
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If you ask almost any teen, “what is there to do in Lincoln,” almost every reply is “nothing.”

Besides our abundance of fast-food chains in our relatively small town, there are not many places to go and hang out with your friends.

Some teens, however, have a different perspective.

Lincoln High School senior Mckenzie Deschamps said “downtown Lincoln is actually really cool at night. All of the shops and stores are really cute if you take the time to look.”

Deschamps also really likes how we have performing arts performances in the Lincoln Civic Auditorium.

Not many cities have a downtown like Lincoln does. A stretch of privately-owned businesses is pretty unique when it comes to small towns like Lincoln.

One of our most underrated businesses in downtown Lincoln is the Country Harvest Cafe. Lincoln High School senior Catherine Hughes introduces her friends to the cafe because she thought it looked cute. Hughes also said “they have really good monkey bread.” Not only do the shops in downtown Lincoln do well but also the newest addition to the Lincoln fast food chains has been the biggest hit yet: In-N-Out Burger.

 “I really like the new In-N-Out Burger because it is cheap and open late,” said Lincoln High School senior Gianni Greco recently. “It is perfect to hang out at after home football games.”

It is not only Greco who said In-N-Out is a great place to hang out at in Lincoln. I surveyed 56 teens and 32 percent of them said that In-n-Out is their favorite place to eat at in Lincoln.

However, 34 percent said that Lincoln Chinese is their favorite place to eat at, along with 20 percent saying Awful Annie’s and 14 percent saying Red Robin.

Overall, Lincoln may not have the most interactive places but it does have more of a small-town feel with its downtown shops and cafes that you can’t get anywhere else and the teens love it.


Hannah Forrey is a Lincoln High senior and a ZebraTales reporter.