We got the beet - Eat these root vegetables for a healthy heart and many vitamins

By: Carol Arnold, for the Auburn Journal
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As you browse your local, year-round farmers’ market, make it a point to pick up a few farm-fresh PlacerGROWN beets. Incredibly rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, as well as carotenoids such as beta-carotene, beets have zero fat, are low in calories and are high in fiber. The heart-healthy food item has a slightly crunchy texture when raw and a soft, buttery texture when cooked.
Beets are typically a striking reddish-purple color and are available with white, golden/yellow, and rainbow colored roots. When preparing this brightly pigmented and cardiovascular-friendly veggie, make sure to wear kitchen gloves as beet juice can stain your skin.
Preparation and storage
After you purchase beets from your local farmer, you’ll want to remove the tops from the root, as they will rob moisture and nutrition from the beet. Top greens have the best flavor when eaten as soon as possible while they are fresh. The beet root can be kept for a few weeks in the refrigerator at a high humidity setting. Avoid freezing raw beets, as they will become soft when thawed. Instead, cook the beets first if you would like to freeze for further preservation.
Beets can be purchased at the following year-round PlacerGROWN farmers’ markets: the Saturday market in Old Town Auburn, and the Tuesday market at the Fountains in Roseville. For more details on where to buy PlacerGROWN farm-fresh produce, wine, meat and local products, visit or