What does PG&E say about the possible switch?

By: Armando Mayorga
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I attended an informational presentation in Sun City Lincoln Hills presented by Pioneer Community Energy (on Jan. 16). It was very informative and confusing at the same time.

Many questions asked by the attendees were about what PG&E’s (Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s) part was in the transition to Pioneer.

Since Pioneer is in a partnership with PG&E ( as stated by the emcee), I was disappointed that there was not a PG&E representative at this meeting to get their opinions on the PG&E questions asked.

Some of the questions asked about PG&E’s involvement in the transition and billing were answered, “That’s on PG&E’s end.”

Should I stay with PG&E or go with Pioneer Community Energy?

I feel I got one side of the story at this meeting. The Pioneer representatives were telling us what PG&E was going to do. I think PG&E should of been there to tell us what the will be doing if I switch over from them to Pioneer.

Armando Mayorga, Lincoln