Bike column

Turkey Creek-Twelve Bridges-Joiner Loop
By: Vic Freeman
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Today, we start at the McBean Pavilion for an up-and-down ride through the outskirts of Lincoln. As always, check over your bike. Be sure your cell phone is working and have plenty of water with you. Put on your helmet and let’s start riding.

Turn onto Highway 193 (McBean Parkway) from the Pavilion and ride past Ferrari Ranch Road and Oak Tree Lane to Turkey Creek Golf Club. Turn left from Highway 193 into Turkey Creek and go to the clubhouse. Circle the parking lot and go back the way you rode in to Highway193.

Turn left at Highway 193 and ride to Sierra College Boulevard. where you make a right turn and go up the hill to Twelve Bridges Drive. Turn right at Twelve Bridges and go up a steep hill to the Monte Azul development on your right side and Catta Verdera on your left.

Ride down Twelve Bridges to Stoneridge Drive (an entrance to Lincoln Hills) and make a left turn along Twelve Bridges. Proceed up the hill past the Catta Verdera Club entrance on your left and Rossi Lane on your right. Keep on Twelve Bridges down the hill past the elementary school on your left and then past Parkside Drive on your right side.

Proceed on Twelve Bridges to Joiner Parkway where you turn right and go past Del Webb Boulevard. Keep on Joiner past the Lincoln Community Church on your left and Del Webb Boulevard on your right. Go to Sterling Parkway and turn right into the Lowe’s Parking lot and bear to the left past the AM Market and car wash. Turn left at the stop sign and go one block to Lincoln Boulevard.

Turn right on Lincoln and go past the Safeway Shopping Center to Ferrari Ranch Road where you make a right turn and go past Ingram Parkway and then Sun City Boulevard. When you reach Highway 193 (McBean Parkway), turn left and go back to the Pavilion where we started.

You have just completed a ride of approximately 13.2 miles. Until next time, be careful out there and remember to share the road and obey the traffic laws.


Vic Freeman is a Lincoln resident and avid bicyclist.