“Broadway Tribute” the best show yet

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Luckily for me, I was able to secure a ticket to see the “Broadway Tribute.” It was advertised as one of the, if not the best show, ever staged in Lincoln. Let me tell you it was the best show I have ever witnessed in Lincoln and I’ve see many of them! I’m amazed that the producer, a man named Joey Chisesi, was able to put so much talent on a stage as he did and that included the 5-year-old little girl singer as well. She is quite a talented young child. I would hope that this show could be staged somewhere in Lincoln again. Only this time, I will be among the first to purchase my ticket and buy more tickets for my friends who missed being there. I want them to see and hear the wonderful people that sang such fine Broadway music this show presented. On top of this, I learned the proceeds were given to the worthy Teen Challenge program. Thank you and blessings to the Lincoln Hills Community Church for hosting this evening. C.B. Norman, Lincoln