‘Chicken Little’ calls out fantasy writer

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I’ve been called a lot of things in my 67 years but Chicken Little (Lincoln News Messenger, Sept. 24, A4 “What criteria makes casita an ‘eyesore?’) is certainly a new one. Does the reference reflect the fantasy-world the writer has created in trying to justify an illegal structure? Whatever … I will continue to report real-world concerns about the new building as clearly as I can. To that end, here are some of the facts regarding the writer’s “new casita:” 1) Call it anything you like, I know a “separate enclosed building” when I see one. The new structure on Fallen Leaf Lane is just such an animal and is therefore in violation of Section 8.04 of our CC&R’s. 2) The Architectural Review Committee, however it was constituted on the day it approved the application to construct this separate building, made a mistake. 3) Our Board of Directors failed to correct the ARC’s mistake and, by not taking appropriate action, neglected its legal responsibility to enforce our CC&R’s fairly and equitably. As one of our self-appointed resident “experts” said recently, “Without the rule of law, governance becomes subject to the arbitrary whims of officials.” He’s so right. Just listen to some of the statements used to justify the mistake: it’s not a separate building, it’s a casita, it’s just like all the other casitas, the casita is visible for 10 seconds only if you take your eyes off the road and my favorite, it’s really not a big exception. This is sophistry at its worst. On second thought, perhaps the Disney character had it right … maybe “the sky is falling.” Richard Condon, Sun City Lincoln Hills