A ‘Quilt of Comfort’ to Newtown, Conn.,from Lincoln, Calif.

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We all would like something to do; we all have feelings of helplessness. We have such a strong desire as a community to reach out to those who have suffered the loss of their beautiful children and brave adults.  We want to reach out in love to comfort a city.

As a member of our community, each individual is invited to help make A Quilt of Comfort.  It will not be elaborate; it will be simple. But it will be uniquely made by those who wish to participate.

All it requires is one 5” square of white fabric.  Decorate it as you like, sign your name, draw a heart, embroider or quilt.  Make it your own wish of healing.

Sew Katie Jean (603 Fifth St.) will then take your square and make one large quilt. Our goal by the end of January will be to send this city, a city that could be our own town, a quilt.  A quilt to offer them comfort and to let the families know that we stand with them in their sorrow and in their healing.

Katie Trott, Sew Katie Jean owner, Lincoln