‘Obama Trauma’

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I read with interest the fascinating diatribe of C. Betty Norman (Feb. 14, Page 5, “Misplaced ‘news’ article”).

I had no idea we were the victims of a “left wing Bay Area” editor and “liberal leaning


No doubt the Bay Area is the seedbed of anti-social behavior and rebellious infidels.

Take the inflammatory Rev. Cecil Williams of Glide Memorial Church, for example. Upon his arrival as head pastor, he removed the cross from the sanctuary and embraced the wild-eyed hippies and city drifters and gay “grimies,” as if they were welcome in any decent congregation.

For example, Williams has instigated an onsite free lunch program that has fed many thousands of struggling pilgrims who infest the streets of San Francisco, parasites sucking the blood and

integrity from decent, law-abiding, prospering white citizens who seek only the welfare of the average working class and corporate climbers.

I suggest that Ms. Norman may be suffering from the new epidemic called “Obama Trauma.”

The symptoms are easy to identify but difficult to assuage. After all, it was the president who dug the deep financial hole we seek to fill while good, decent, church-going conservatives keep barricading the way out of our national distress.

God bless and forgive Carol Feineman, who allows such vitriol to be published in our local news.

She, whose weekly publication includes political, social, whimsical and personal highlights of every stripe.

We might have guessed she was the product of a marginal, in-grown, abnormal Bay Area culture.

We, the good citizens of Lincoln, will have to carry on somehow in the face of journalistic adversity.

Dick Huser, Lincoln