‘Newbies’ easily fit into Lincoln

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Dear Jeeves, I have a bone to pick with you about your commentary (“Monthly community dinner given by Granite Springs Church) in the Jan. 19 edition of The Lincoln News Messenger. I, like Mollie, am an older woman. I moved here in the fall of 2010 and knew from the beginning that Lincoln is a wonderful community to live in. I’ve met new friends .... from natives who have lived in Lincoln their entire lives to people like me who have chosen to establish roots here. Our historic downtown is a “must” when visitors come, with helpful shopkeepers and friendly service at the unique restaurants in town. Did I mention the opportunities us “newbies” have to serve our community? The Salt Mine, Gathering Inn, school mentoring and supporting the high school chorus are just a few. Yes, we bring new ideas and perhaps Jeeves isn’t into change, but at least give us a chance to add our ideas for consideration ... some of them you might even like! Your one-size-fits-all opinion of “fancy sheets, eiderdown duvets and adjustable comfort settings through sleep numbers on king-sized mattresses” was uncalled for. Those types of comments just build walls between neighborhoods rather than bringing us together. For those you think depend on Wall Street, don’t you know that since 2008, our nest eggs have literally vanished just like jobs? I hope that Jeeves will consider sharing his bed and blanket. Lincoln is neither old nor new. It’s a wonderful community where all ages can and do work together. Joy Reis, Lincoln