The ‘new me’ gets a workout with library help

Friends of the lincoln library column
By: Lora Finnegan Special to The News Messenger
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Am I a dummy or a goddess? That’s the question I’m going to spend the next few weeks figuring out. How?

By determining which of two exercise DVDs will work best for me: “Shaping up with Weights for Dummies” with Tracy York or “The Goddess Workout (Intro to Belly Dance)” with Dolphina.

Both DVDs are available free for checkout at the Lincoln Public Library at Twelve Bridges. Checking out a DVD instead of buying one, I figure, is a good way to get a preview of what kind of workout works best for the goals I’ve set and the energy level I’m willing to give to the effort.

First up: the ‘Weights for Dummies’ show (part of the iconic black and yellow “for Dummies” series of books and DVDs). Host Tracy York seems friendly and laidback, despite looking fiercely fit (you could bounce a quarter off those abs). Good thing she takes things slow because I haven’t done a free-weight routine since Jimmy Carter was president.

She first teaches “the daily dozen” is not a box of donuts (rats)! It’s a series of exercises done in two-rep sets. Pop-up icons like those in the books (“Myth Buster,” “Tips” and so forth) help me learn as I burn.

What I first learn is that I’m in way worse shape than I thought. I’m already groaning and we’re still doing the warm-up stretches. I take solace in the thought that I’m old enough to remember doing Jane Fonda workouts on the original VCR tapes (parents, please explain to the kids that a VCR tape was the pre-historic version of a DVD - it’s what Fred Flintstone worked out to).

Next, I learn some new workout terms: neutral spine (like Switzerland during World War II). Glutes (what I no longer have - somehow they were replaced with Grade A ham over the years). Lunge (what the knee doctor told me not to do anymore). Squat (stick knives in your thighs and hold it for a count of 12). Plie squat (stick knives in your inner thighs and hold it). Tricep (AKA macaroni). Biceps curl (what I do best with a glass of Chardonnay).

I also learn some Tips — don’t pull your arm out of its socket (gee, this DVD really is for dummies) and a Myth Buster (“A good workout has to hurt: FALSE”). Good to know. I’ll try to remember that when I can pull the cutlery out of my thighs.

The next morning, I learn another term: a ‘little stiff’ (my entire body feels like a redwood in the Petrified Forest). But after 10 minutes of sighing, I get up and do the DVD all over again.

But honestly, I’m really looking forward to trying that Goddess DVD next week. It has got to be easier that being a dummy with weights.

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