‘Bad roads’ gets a ‘D’

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Gus Thomson’s article in the March 7 News Messenger (page 3, “County’s 13 miles of bad road are ‘ugly but safe’)  stated that Placer County has 13 miles of “ugly but safe” bad roads.

This may be true for cars but it is not for bicyclists.

I’d like to point out that many people ride bicycles in the county for recreation and, in some cases, for racing. The Tour de Lincoln routes include some of these roads. One would not want to ride bicycles on the road surfaces shown in the article’s two photographs.

My recommendation is for the county’s public works department and their director, Ken Grehm, to develop a plan to significantly improve their road resurfacing projects in order to encourage this area to be a destination point for cyclists.

Big Ben, Crosby Herold, and Garden Bar were roads that were resurfaced last year. The 150-plus riders in the Lincoln Hills Cyclists use these roads frequently as do many other cyclists.

For cyclists, these roads would rank in the “D” grade category (my grade) because of their rough surfaces, cracks that are already beginning to appear in some cases and unfilled depressions.

Quality work is missing on these roads.

Bruce Castle, Lincoln